ATDS Past Award Winners

ATDS Past Award Winners

Betty Jean Jones Award

To honor and remember Betty Jean Jones who was a highly respected and admired American Theatre and Drama teacher, the American Theatre and Drama Society accepts nominations each year for the Betty Jean Jones Award.  Betty Jean received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, until her untimely death, was a professor at the University of Michigan. The award that bears her name honors individuals who have achieved excellence as college/university teachers and/or scholars, and have served as mentors in the profession.

Past honorees include:

Robert A. Schanke, 2014
Dorothy Chansky, 2013
Laurence Senelick, 2012
Felicia Londré, 2011
John Frick, 2010
Elinor Fuchs, 2009
David Krasner, 2008
Jim Fisher, 2007
Christopher Bigsby, 2006
Harry Elam, 2006
Brooks McNamara, 2005
Marc Robinson, 2004
Barry Witham, 2003
Patti Gillespie, 2002
Linda Dorff, 2001
Esther Jackson, 2000
Don Wilmeth, 1999
Rosemarie Bank, 1998
Geri Maschio, 1997

ATDS’s Annual Book Award

Barry Witham, 2014, A Sustainable Theatre: Jasper Deeter at Hedgerow
John Frick, 2013, Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the American Stage and Screen

Vera Mowry Roberts Award for Research and Publication

Michelle Granshaw, 2014
Joseph Falocco, 2013

ATDS Faculty Travel Award

Michelle Granshaw, 2014
Amy Brady, 2013

ATDS Graduate Student Research Award

David Bisaha, 2014
Mary McAvoy, 2013

ATDS Publication Subvention Award

Jonathan Shandell, 2014
Aaron Tobiason, 2013
Ann Folino White, 2013

ATDS Emerging Scholars Award

Sara Galloway, 2014
Asantewa Sunni-Ali, 2013
Elynne Whaley, 2013