ATDS John W Frick Book Award

John W. Frick Book Award

Deadline: February 2, 2018

Purpose: The American Theatre and Drama Society’s John W. Frick Book Award honors the best monograph published each year on theatre and performance of/in the Americas, recognizing that notions of “America” and the United States encompass migrations of peoples and cultures that overlap and influence one another. The award recipient will receive a cash prize of $200 and be recognized at the annual ATDS membership meeting at the 2018 ATHE Conference in Boston, MA, August 1-5.

Evaluation and eligibility: Books will be evaluated on the basis of originality, critical rigor, and contribution to the field of American theatre and drama. Books must exhibit a copyright date of 2017. Edited collections, anthologies, and plays are not eligible.

Nominations: The author, the publisher, or any member of ATDS may submit nominations.

Submissions: Please submit one copy of the book to each of the three committee members:

Mark Cosdon (Chair)
Dept. of Communication Arts and Theatre
Allegheny College
Meadville, PA 16335

Bill Demastes
Department of English
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Noreen C. Barnes
15 Whittier Drive
Acton, MA  01720