Contingent Faculty Research and Travel Award

Contingent Faculty Research and Travel Award

Deadline:  April 01, 2018


Purpose: To assist an ATDS member or members who are in contingent faculty with the costs associated with travel to pursue academic research in the field of theatre, drama, and performance of the Americas at a location not in their immediate geographic area or to attend a conference.

Eligibility: ATDS member or members who are in contingent faculty positions that render them ineligible for institutional research or travel support.

Award Amount$400.00


The application should include:

  1. A 600-word proposal detailing your research project or your objective in attending the conference. For research applications, please provide an explanation of the nature and significance of the project, the intended use of archive or scope of the ethnographic study, the intended use of the funding (with budget), and the expected outcome (monograph, conference presentation, article submission, edited volume, performance text, or other creative work, etc.). For conference attendance, preference will be given to applicants who plan to present work at the conference, but a case might be made for attending a specialized conference if it will directly aid in the applicant’s research, pedagogy, or praxis. Preference will also be given to proposals that best reflect ATDS’s mission to advance the study of American theatre and drama (broadly defined), its varied histories, traditions, literatures, and performances within its cultural contexts and to applicants who plan to present their work on ATDS-sponsored panels.  ATDS also encourages the evolving debate exploring national identities and experiences through research, pedagogy, and practice.
  2. A 2-3 page c.v.

Submit applications via email to

Awardee will be notified by April 30, 2018.

2017-2018 Selection Committee: Jim Cherry (Wabash College), Chair; Anne Fletcher (Southern Illinois University); and Bob Vorlicky (New York University)