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American Theatre and Drama Society (ATDS) Sessions

Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference

July 30-August 2, 2015 – Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel – Montréal Quebec

Submission Deadlines:

October 17th (individual papers only: submit to Jocelyn L. Buckner at;

November 1st (complete panels: submit to ATHE at

ATHE 2015—“Je Me Souviens”: I Remember

Building on ATHE’s 2015 conference theme and recognizing the rich historic, geographic, cultural, and national characteristics of Quebec, ATDS invites papers, panels, roundtables, and alternative-format sessions that explore memory and (re)membering in American theatre and performance, past and present. Possible avenues of investigation include:

  • How is “America” differently conceived by U.S. and Canadian playwrights and theatres? What communities and cultures are erased or forgotten in those narratives of nation building, e.g., re immigration, assimilation, and revolution?
  • Quebec holds the histories of a diverse population of indigenous peoples. How do the theatre and performance histories/traditions/activism of these populations contribute to our understanding of an American theatre tradition?
  • How do we, as theatre and performance studies educators, scholars, and artists, negotiate the slippery borders between memory, historical events, and performance on stage and in our classrooms?
  • Marvin Carlson has described the theatre as a “memory machine,” a place haunted by the specter of prior performance and practice. In what ways do performances of historical events force participants and spectators to not only “recycle,” but also (re)invent the past?
  • In what ways have national and indigenous theatres in the Americas dealt with “memory,” broadly conceived?
  • The field of theatre and performance studies is marked with borders that must be crossed, from graduate school, to faculty appointments, to professional paths outside of the academy, to academic and arts administration. Yet the paths that artists and scholars tread are often overlooked, or forgotten. What are the road signs we miss? How can we ensure that professional paths are illuminated for others?

While ATDS encourages the submission of papers and panels addressing these questions, colleagues are invited to submit proposals that deal with other engaging topics in American theatre and drama, though preference will be given to proposals that explore the ATHE 2015 themes.

In addition to the traditional format of panels and papers, ATDS welcomes proposals for interactive, site specific, or other alternative-format presentations. Presenters submitting proposals outside of the traditional panel format are asked to be very specific in their proposals concerning the structure and number of participants so that ATHE can be advised about space/time needs. Preference will be given to ATDS members. To learn more about membership benefits, please visit the ATDS website:

Proposals should include all requests for audiovisual needs, conference grants, or guest passes. As a reminder, ATHE permits two presentations per participant at the conference.

Individuals wishing to identify colleagues to create panels prior to the November 1st deadline should use the ATDS listserv: ATDS@LISTSERV.COFC.EDU or the new ATDS focus group page on the ATHE to circulate questions or possible panel topics.

Multi-focus session proposals must be sponsored by a minimum two (2) ATHE Focus Groups and/or Committees.  It is your responsibility to contact each Focus Group Conference Planner or Committee Chair prior to the submission deadline to gain approval of all sponsoring Focus Groups and/or Committees. Contact information can be found on ATHE’s website:

For additional information on proposal submissions visit and click on the “Conference” tab.