Call for New Musicals

Call for New Musicals – Pallas Theatre Collective

Deadline for submissions: December 31st, 2013

Pallas Theatre Collective in Washington, D.C., is accepting new musical submissions for its TableRead 2014 season.  This is a wonderful opportunity for young musical theatre creators to develop their work, as Pallas seeks to invest in new musicals by allowing artists to participate in a year long development process in collaboration with seasoned scholars and practitioners (including some of our ATDS colleagues).

Pallas Theatre Collective, based in Washington D.C., is now accepting new musical submissions to be considered for their annual TableRead Series. This annual series offers creative teams the opportunity to workshop and present new works of musical theatre.

The TableRead Series aspires to help musical theatre writers polish their material, present their material to an informed audience for helpful constructive criticism, and promote their material for future production, be it with Pallas or other theatre companies.  Pallas’s new musical development team consists of theatre professionals and scholars from all over the world who invest their time and training in new works so that the American Musical Theatre tradition will remain both artistically vital and commercially viable.  Works on any subject, ranging from classical musical comedy to opera to more avant-garde forms are all welcome.  We are particularly interested in those musicals that contribute to the further development of the art form.  Both one-acts and full-length pieces will be considered.

From these submissions, Pallas intends to choose (based on merit and funding):

·       A one-act submission for production in the 2014 season

·       One or Two full-length submissions for rehearsal and a formal reading in the Washington, D.C area in June 2014 (one of which will be chosen for a full production in the 2015 season)

·       Approximately 10 songs from the pool of submissions to premiere as part of the New Musical Cabaret in Spring 2014

All submissions must be submitted electronically. Each submission must have:

a.     One contact person and their e-mail address

b.     Short bios/resumes for the creative team

c.     Any production history for the piece and a summary of the work

d.     A complete book/libretto (*.pdf)

e.     A complete score (*.pdf only) No lead sheets please.

f.      A demo recording (*.mp3 or *.mp4a)

All of these required items must be uploaded using the form on our website. Please visit to submit.

NOTE: The sample of music must contain the equivalent of at least three songs, if not the complete recording. The sample may be professionally recorded, but may also be more rough and informal: however, it should provide a clear auditory sampling of the quality of the music and the lyric.

There is a $30 submission fee to be paid through a PayPal account. This submission fee must be paid through the Pallas Theatre Collective website by clicking on the submission fee link on this page concordant with the submission of materials. Materials will not be considered unless the submission fee is paid.  Submissions are due by December 31st, 2013. The selected musicals will be announced on March 1st, 2014.

For details and specific submission requirements, please visit for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the TableRead Series or the submission process, please contact Tracey Elaine Chessum, Ph.D. at