The Doctor is In

“The Doctor Is In”: ATHE 2014

“The Doctor Is In” is a mentoring program targeting graduate students and those who have earned their Ph.D. within the past three years. The program facilitates an informal one-on-one meeting on the Thursday or Friday of ATHE between a mentee and an associate/full professor who’s a member of ATDS.

Participants will engage in a 20-30 minute conversation. Topics might include: career advice, the way in which one negotiates graduate school or the job search, the expectations of a faculty member at a liberal arts college vs. those of faculty at an R1 institution, how to seek appropriate outlets for scholarship, how to present a conference paper, how to prepare for a dissertation defense, the expectations of a new faculty colleague, etc. What’s valuable here is that “The Doctor Is In” allows a younger scholar to meet a more “seasoned” ATDS member who’s outside of her/his graduate program.

If you are a graduate student or have earned your Ph.D. within the past three years and would like to participate in “The Doctor Is In,” please send an email to Mark Cosdon: In your email, note your primary areas of research, pedagogical interests, institutional aspirations (R1, liberal arts college, community college, etc.), and what you’d most like to focus upon during your conversation with an ATDS mentor. You must attend this coming summer’s ATHE conference and be available for a Thursday or Friday session with your mentor.